Nepal in Post Covid-19: Change to Champion in Tourism

Many things at this point of time remain standstill due to the outbreak of Coronavirus and its subsequent impacts.  The major impact of it can be seen in the tourism industry as it involves travel, stay away from home, and human contact out of many. The virus can be transmitted easily during travel, being at… Continue reading Nepal in Post Covid-19: Change to Champion in Tourism

Probably Nepalese aviation can take example from this

Africa has 731 airports and 419 airlines with an aviation industry that supports around 6.9 million jobs and $80 billion in economic activity.

Heli rescue fraud tarnishes Nepal’s image

By tarring everyone with same brush, the government’s investigations may have magnified damage

Tourist Transport

CHAPTER- FIVET 5.1. Introduction Travel and Tourism are normally used interchangeably in normal conversations though the two do not mean one thing. Even though the transport industry gives the link that is amid dwelling and destination regions of tourists, but the industry’s role as an agent responsible for making tourists reach these destinations has been… Continue reading Tourist Transport