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Guidelines to Airlines, Airports and Ground Services for Operations during COVID-19


In order to prevent spread of COVID-19, Nepal has adopted various stringent measures such as travel restrictions and even lockdown of international boundary. Such restrictions have resulted in severe impact in global air transport. Evaluating the situation in the region as well as at the global level, Nepal initially adopted step by step restriction on air passengers from various States depending on the situation of COVID-19 infection in origin. Aviation sector is strictly regulated and controlled. The air travel is also controlled right from the purchase of tickets to entry into an airport, embarkation and disembarkation from an aircraft to leaving the airport and hence considered easier and safer to resume amid the COVID-19 pandemic after taking various health precautions. This guidance for each target group has been developed in separate chapter. This guidance will be revised regularly in coming days.

The purpose of this guidance is to serve as an aviation health safety guidance and to provide a source of best practices on how airport, airline operators should conduct commercial and non-commercial transport. This guidance is issued to all stakeholders including air operators, airport operators, ground service providers, aviation personnel, airport staff, and other stakeholders for compliance with the respective guidance.

The public health standards and guidelines on COVID-19 pandemic issued by Ministry of Health and Population, Government of Nepal shall have precedence over the health and other health associated provisions mentioned in this guidance. The air operators and airport operators, as applicable, should update their Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) accordingly.

For detail information click the attachment. CAAN Nepal Guidance

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