Trump Proposes Automatic Green Cards for Foreign Graduates in US
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Trump Proposes Automatic Green Cards for Foreign Graduates in US

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In a change from his stance on immigration, former President Donald Trump mentioned in an interview published on Thursday that he supports granting automatic green cards to foreign students who complete their studies at American colleges and universities.

During a podcast recording for the "All-In" show on Wednesday, Trump discussed the possibility of companies being able to attract global talent. He expressed approval for providing residency or green cards to international students after they finish their education in the United States. Trump stated, "I believe that upon graduating from a college you should automatically receive a green card along with your diploma to remain in this country. This applies to graduates from all types of colleges including junior colleges." He promised to address this issue on his first day in office if elected.

This proposal departs from Trump's immigration policies during his past term and 2024 presidential campaign. Throughout his career, Trump has frequently pointed fingers at immigrants residing illegally in the country, accusing them of engaging in criminal activities, taking away job opportunities, and burdening government resources. He has committed to carry out the largest deportation operation in U.S. history if he wins the election.

However, during the interview, Trump recognized the significance of skilled foreign workers for American businesses, emphasizing the need for talented individuals to contribute to company success. He mentioned, "You require a pool of people to work for your organization. They must be smart people. Not everyone can be less intelligent. You need brilliant people."

Trump's statements hint at a softening of his immigration stance regarding retaining foreign students educated at American institutions. This change in position might indicate an attempt to appeal to a broader range of voters as he enters another campaign.

Based on a news article published in Time on June 20, 2024.

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