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Business office etiquette

Personality Development

Office attire 

Employees should wear properly pressed uniforms or professional clothes in the office because it is the most visible representation that you work for the company. Companies where there is no strict uniform policy, observe a casual business dress code while in the workplace to present a respectable and professional image. However, do keep in mind that not all casual attire fits in the office setting


First impression

Always remember that the first impression is the last impression generally so if you are new in the company, or if someone new is introduced to you, always maintain proper manners. Do not play around in the workplace especially if you are not acquainted with them. Always introduce yourself properly to new people you meet, whether they are visitors, clients or also work for your company.


Always say Thank you, Please

Always use "excuse me", "please", and "thank you" based on different situations as this makes you polite and professional in front of other people and they love to work with you. These are just simple phrases, first taught to us by our parents but they are very important in an office when there are multiple people working.


Be clean and look nice

One way to show professionalism toward your co-workers is to come to work looking nice. Though there is a saying, "beauty comes from the inside and not from the outside," physical image still counts in the workplace. Even customers inquiring about your company's products won't be interested in your approach if you look like you just jumped out of your bed.


Listen to what people say

During meetings or even in casual conversation, do not interrupt other people who are speaking to show them respect. Always listen and wait for them to finish before you raise your point as this will give you enough respect when you are presenting your point.


Do not interrupt

If you are entering a room or a cubicle of a co-worker, it will be nice if you knock first before initiating a conversation. This shows that you respect their workspace and privacy. Also, do not discuss your professional discussion with other employees because at any point in time if something is leaked it will damage your impression.


Maintain privacy

Always maintain the privacy of things you discuss inside meetings, board room etc. Try to avoid discussing things even with your friends in the same company in different departments because that leads to unhealthy competition. Also privacy at certain times is important for your own growth so always maintain professional behaviour.


Do not be loud

Noise is the biggest distraction to a lot of people in the workplace. Always see that your voice is not raised to get someone's attention in routine tasks. Being loud is one of the most annoying characteristics of people in the workplace, and you would definitely not want to be that guy who everybody secretly hates in the office.


Have workable conversation

Being approachable in the workplace is a good way to build camaraderie, but don't spend this time chatting about inappropriate topics such as your vacation last week or your embarrassing moments. Also, limit chatting time with your co-workers because they may have something more important to do.


Arrive on time

Always arrive on time before meetings and discussions. Do not waste other people's time and create a bad impression. If you are going to be late, phone in advance to let people know.


Work on your gestures

See that your gestures do not create any bad or wrong signals particularly when you are addressing a meeting or group of people. Your hand or facial expression should not be unprofessional or look bad to others even if sometimes you do not agree with them.


Make proper introductions

No matter how informal your working environment is, making proper introductions ensures everyone knows each other's role in attending the meeting and will help make it more productive.


Turn phone off

Turn your phone off in office, meetings. If you're expecting a very urgent call, ask everyone present if they mind you leaving your phone on. It's very distracting and annoying to others when you answer to phone call during important discussions.


Monitor your speaking volume

People always tend to speak louder than necessary when on a mobile, so make sure you pipe down or go into the corridor. No one else wants to hear your conversation about how you dumped your boyfriend or what you're planning to wear when out tonight, especially your boss.


Respect your colleagues

Respect your colleagues and co-workers working with you. You're sitting there quietly eating a sandwich and perhaps reading a book or a newspaper when someone decides to come up and ask work-related questions. Treat others on their lunch break as you'd like to be treated on yours.


Keep your music to yourself 

If you listen to music during office hours even if some donnas not tell you, you should keep it yourself. At times it is very annoying for someone who has really concentrated on the work because some free time is very hard for them.


Ask before borrowing

Always form a habit of asking before borrowing something from someone as directly borrowing things without permission is totally unprofessional and rude sometimes.


Listen to others

Listen to others particularly when you have invited them into discussion because they will feel dejected if you constantly speak and do not allow them to have their opinion. You are treated in the same way in future.


Be sensitive to smells

Limit strong perfume, excessive body odour, and very fragrant flowers -- all of which can offend others. Hot take-away food and instant soups can also be very unpleasant, especially if you're twenty floors up and relying on air-conditioning rather than being able to open the windows.

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