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CESTour- Sustainable Tourism Knowledge Transfer/ Capacity Building of Stakeholders and Students


Sustainable Tourism Development Multiplier - Event 2

Topics covered by of the Multiplier Event 2:
Introduction to sustainable tourism concepts, strategies, the main stakeholders, socio- political aspects, Environmental aspects, existing challenges, and digital- technical aspects of tourism in Nepal.

General information about Multiplier Event 2:
The training aims to build up knowledge and share experiences among the students studying Travel and Tourism, experienced stakeholders, Tourism Policy Makers, Government and private sectors of Nepal. The knowledge generated from this training supports all the stakeholders and students to understand the actual problem of Nepal that hinders sustainable tourism development. It also act as a base-line for the implementation of the upcoming work packages training that will be conducted soon in the future. 

In addition, this trainings combine theoretical input sessions with practical sessions, applying the learnt to support the implementation of the project. The content/format includes ppt presentations, interactive group discussion, etc., group exercise, group presentation etc. Short input sessions and interactive discussions are major part of that will be focused throughout the training session. To bring consensus among stakeholders, students and other participant’s member regarding sustainable tourism of Nepal is core intention of this group discussion and group presentation.

The training is planned for a duration of 3 days, starting on the 26th of June and finishing on the 28th of June 2022. On the 28th of June there will be short feedback session from each participants where they will share their experience and knowledge that they gain through this training session. It is of highest importance to involve all participants to the same extend. It is a non-aim of these trainings to only include trainers as well as experienced stakeholder’s perspectives in the trainings. Benefits can be generated through exchange. Ideas from Nepalese newbie tourism entrepreneurs, students etc. are considered seriously during the time of trainings.

Participants will be divided into groups and will be given specific tourism focused problems that is currently faced by Nepal. Participants will be divided into groups in which they need to discuss about that problems and come out with practical solutions that they think is good to strengthen sustainability of tourism on the theme of Socio-Political and Business Aspects of Sustainable Tourism.

Training participant specifications:
Training participants need to be engaged as much as they can to come up with proper solutions of problems that exists in Nepalese tourism as per the content and instructions of trainers. Therefore, the training participants of this trainings are primarily:
• Higher education management representatives engaged in the Nepalese tourism sectors.
• Policy Makers, Travel and Tourism Scholars, Entrepreneurs etc.
• GCI staff who are interested to boost up their knowledge including the teachers of travel and tourism, BTTM students and so on.
It is essential that people who will actually be engaged with the CESTour centers take part within this training as this training is also very much connected to Sustainable Development 2030 that Nepal is trying to achieve.

The trainers for the multiplier event will be:
 Mr. Sushant Marasini
 Mr. Nojal Koirala
 Mr. Rajendra Ojha
 Guest Session - Government Representative, Research partner member from Tribhuvan University, Tourism Entrepreneur

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