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Trek to Khumai Danda


We began preparing for the New Year's celebration in early March, considering many different options before deciding on a trek. After much deliberation among trekking routes like Kapuche Glacier Lake, Mardi Himal, and Ghorepani-Poonhill, we ultimately chose Khumai Danda, a location previously unfamiliar to us.

Khumai Danda
Khumai Danda, or Dada meaning hill, is a relatively new name in Nepali trekking, gaining popularity primarily due to Ghumante's vlog. It is an excellent trek for those seeking a moderate walk within a limited timeframe. Situated under the Great Machhapuchchhre Trail in the Kaski district, it lies north of Pokhara.

On April 13, my wife, twin children, and I took an early-morning flight to Pokhara, arriving at the recently constructed Pokhara International Airport (ICAO-VNPR). We then drove to Lakeside, Pokhara, where we had breakfast at the White Rabbit restaurant. We took a taxi to Hari Chowk and then traveled to Ghachowk in a four-wheeler as scheduled. We began our trek from Ghachowk, carrying our bags.

After a 45-minute walk from Ghachowk, we reached Ghamtara, a small settlement where we bought local food from a nearby household. Leaving the rocky road behind, we started our actual trek from Ghamtara, the last place to park vehicles.

We arrived in Hilekharka (2076m) after over four hours of walking, where we had dinner and spent the night at Green Cottage. The next morning, after breakfast, we continued our hike, reaching Khumai Danda (3245m) in about six hours with short breaks and snacks along the way. The route took us through Chichimne, Deurali, Tubu, and Tourist Camp. Despite the hazy weather obscuring the iconic mountains like Machhapuchchhre, Annapurna, and Mardi, we finally reached our destination at the top of the hill.

We checked in at a cottage and were offered accommodation in an A-frame tent designed for two people, which we accepted enthusiastically. We ordered food and drinks, finding the prices high due to the cost of transporting supplies by men or mules.

The poor visibility and cold weather limited our exploration, and we spent most of the time inside the tent, planning for the next day's hike to Korchan (3700m) for a 360° view of the mountains. Khumai Danda faced significant hygiene and sanitation issues due to a scarcity of water, and the lodging facilities were inadequate for the number of visitors.

Without making hotel reservations, many trekkers, including us, found accommodation challenging. The few available units were overcrowded. Observing the unsanitary conditions, we decided to skip dinner and left for Pokhara early the next morning, despite our package including meals.

Descending the trail, we reached Ghamtara in six hours and drove back to Pokhara. The trek was notable for the absence of foreign tourists, with a high number of domestic travelers. The trend of trekking in Nepal has increased recently, even among senior citizens. Hungry and craving Daal Bhat, we headed directly to Pokhara Thakali Kitchen for lunch before staying at Hotel Barahi, ending our three-day trek with many experiences and memories.

Our 12-year-old children completed the trek with ease, adapting well to the surroundings. Kudos to them!


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