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GCI’s CESTour Achieves Erasmus+ Milestone in Sustainable Tourism Training


CESTour at GCI, has successfully completed all the training prerequisites set by the Erasmus+ Program, a project co-funded by the European Union. GCI happened to be the first among CESTour's partner institutions to meet all these requirements well in advance of the project's completion in April 2024. This achievement includes the organization and completion of over 15 training sessions that took place between April 5, 2022, and October 11, 2023. These training sessions focused on sustainable tourism, catered to a diverse audience, ranging from grade 5 students to graduate-level participants, serving to more than 500 individuals.

These training sessions were customized to align with the participants' varying levels of understanding, ensuring that the content was both engaging and informative. The delivery of these sessions featured experienced professionals from the tourism industry and CESTour-certified trainers at GCI. Some of these sessions were even conducted by BTTM students who had previously participated in numerous such training programs. These training workshops were conducted in venues spanning from Kathmandu to Pokhara.

I find myself lucky to be one of the key stakeholders, contributing to the success of all the training programs we planned, conducted and completed.

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