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Next Chapter: A Transformative Journey at GCI

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During my time as the Program Coordinator at Global College International, I had a range of responsibilities and exciting projects to manage. Starting in September 2018 I set out to establish and nurture two programs - Bachelor of Travel & Tourism Management, and Bachelor of Hotel Management. I am thankful for the learning opportunities and personal growth I encountered during my tenure.

Ensuring top-notch teaching quality and a conducive learning environment for all students was an aspect of my role. This involved advising students, representing the department and actively participating in curriculum development discussions. I also dedicated efforts to the enrollment strategies. 

Throughout the years there were fluctuations in admission numbers influenced by factors such as the impact of COVID-19 and students opting for international studies. Despite these challenges, I remained dedicated to upholding the program's reputation while participating in research activities and attending conferences internationally.

In addition to my responsibilities, as Program Coordinator I took on roles that contributed to the institution's progress. For instance, as the Supervisor of GCI Social Club, I led initiatives, like organizing medical camps, raising awareness about traffic safety and supporting earthquake victims. Also as the Chief Editor of 'Aatithya' — a hospitality magazine, I played a role in sharing industry knowledge and showcasing the achievements of GCI students.

I was involved in committees and organizations showing my commitment to improving education and research quality. Being part of IQAC (Internal Quality Assurance Cell) I actively contributed to the institution's improvement and accreditation endeavours. In roles like a member of the Research Management Cell and NJMSR journal publishing team, I promoted a culture of research and scholarly sharing within my program at GCI.

Moreover by overseeing the Travel & Hospitality Management Committee, during Global International Conferences 1 to 4, I promoted GCI on a global platform. As a member of both the College Executive Committee and GCI Scholarship Committee, I engaged in decision-making processes and helped deserving students pursue their academic aspirations.

My involvement, in the tourism sector went beyond GCI when I acted as an advisor to the PATA Nepal Student Chapter at GCI. In this capacity, I provided mentorship and support to students empowering them to succeed in their selected fields. Moreover in my role as the International Internship Coordinator for BTTM, I organized exposure and internship prospects, for students to expand their perspectives and enhance their journey, and established an MOU with Club Med in Japan to facilitate student internships at their global locations.

One of the projects I led was the GCI Social Club, which organized activities like free medical camps, traffic safety awareness sessions and donations to earthquake victims. Through my participation in the ERASMUS+ CESTour Project, I became a certified sustainable tourism trainer. 

These experiences had an impact on both the institution and myself. The partnerships formed with organizations for student placements and the introduction of signature events demonstrated our commitment to fostering professionals in the tourism and hospitality sector.

On a level my time at GCI was transformative. It helped me develop into a focused and accountable professional. Addressing challenges, like enrollment and student distractions, we implemented diverse training sessions, workshops and events to motivate and retain students.

Saying goodbye to GCI in November 2023 as I head to The University of Memphis, USA for further studies, with a full scholarship and graduate assistantship opportunities. Looking back my time at GCI was filled with achievements, unforgettable moments and a meaningful impact. I take pride in contributing to the institution's objectives and making a difference, in the tourism and hospitality sector. I appreciate the opportunities that have helped me grow personally and professionally. The knowledge acquired during my GCI days will always hold a place in my heart as I begin my next chapter.

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