Pursuing a Doctorate in Tourism at America’s Leading Universities
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Pursuing a Doctorate in Tourism at America’s Leading Universities

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Many U.S. universities provide scholarships for Ph.D. students in the autumn semester. The academic year usually commences in the fall when most scholarship grants and admissions occur. Make sure to send in your application, for these PhD programs before the deadlines to increase your chances of getting accepted. Check out the program links highlighted below to find out more, about what each university requires and how to apply.

At the University of Florida (FL) the Ph.D. in Recreation, Parks and Tourism follows an approach by integrating cutting-edge research across these interconnected fields. The curriculum emphasizes analysis, research methodology and theoretical development preparing graduates for meaningful careers in academia, research and leadership positions within the tourism industry.

Located in a recreation and tourism hub within the United States, the University of Utah (UT)'s PhD in Parks, Recreation and Tourism blends coursework with practical field research opportunities. Graduates are well prepared to contribute in settings as well, as management roles or high-impact consulting positions.

The PhD in Hospitality & Tourism Management at the University of Massachusetts Amherst (MA) helps students specialize in tourism marketing, revenue management and sustainable development. Working closely with industry partners on research projects is an aspect of the program that prepares graduates for academic careers, consulting and leadership roles within the hospitality and tourism industry.

The PhD in Hospitality Management at the University of South Carolina (SC) covers a range of subjects, including hospitality operations, tourism marketing and strategic management. Graduates are well-positioned to contribute to these industries through research, teaching and leadership roles.

Texas A&M University (TX)'s PhD in Recreation, Park and Tourism Sciences combines knowledge from tourism management, outdoor recreation and natural resource conservation. Students develop research skills that can be applied in consulting and senior management positions.

North Carolina State University (NC)'s Ph.D. in Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management provides a study of these interconnected fields. Graduates emerge as scholars with expertise in tourism analysis and strategic leadership.

Situated in a tourist destination the Ph.D. Business Administration Specialized in Travel Industry Management at the University of Hawai'i at Mānoa (HI) offers specialized training in areas such, as tourism marketing, operations, policy making, innovation dynamics and technology advancements.

The PhD in Hospitality Administration at the University of Nevada Las Vegas (NV) provides tourism-focused specialization. Areas of expertise encompass tourism marketing, economics and the use of technology. The proximity to Las Vegas facilitates partnerships, with the industry. Upon completion, students are equipped to influence the evolution of tourism management, marketing strategies and policy making.

Philadelphia-based Temple University (PA)'s PhD in Sport, Tourism and Hospitality Management focuses on conducting research based on data related to consumer behaviour, administration and regulations, in these linked areas. The course content includes studying the effects of technology, sustainability and changing consumer demands. Upon completion of the program, students are well prepared to excel as leading researchers, advisors and decision-makers shaping advancements in these interconnected industries.

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